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Gold Tone Banjitar 6-String Banjo

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with the Gold Tone GT-500 Banjitar Banjo - The Perfect Fusion of Banjo and Guitar!

- Easy to play: The GT-500 features a slimline neck that makes it easy to play for guitarists who may not be accustomed to the wider neck of a traditional banjo. It also has a comfortable string height and a smooth action, making it a pleasure to play.
- Great value: Despite its high-quality construction and versatile sound, the GT-500 is priced competitively, making it a great value for musicians who want to add a unique instrument to their collection without breaking the bank.

The Gold Tone GT-500 Banjitar Banjo is a unique and versatile instrument that combines the sound and feel of a banjo with the playability of a guitar. With its six strings and 25.5-inch scale length, this banjitar allows guitar players to easily transition to the banjo without having to learn a new tuning or fingerstyle technique. The GT-500 features a mahogany neck and resonator, a Remo head, and a brass tone ring that produces a bright and clear sound. It also has a built-in pickup and preamp, making it easy to amplify and perform with. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a beginner, the Gold Tone GT-500 Banjitar Banjo is a great addition to any collection and is sure to inspire creativity and musical exploration.